is the operating arm of our expanding global partnership network, an EU-based global research and commercial network to advance Green Growth & Travelism (Travel and Tourism) as a key engine of trade and development.

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Green Growth

Green Growth is the coherent international strategic  response to today’s economic, climate and poverty crises as well as to tomorrow’s population and resource challenges. It calls for a progressive multi-decade shift to low carbon, resource efficient, socially inclusive, digitally driven and conservation sensitive lifestyles.

With agreed global frameworks, local implementation and growth, sustainability and better lifestyles as key elements.

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Travelism describes the fragmented Travel & Tourism value chain – public and private, business and leisure, domestic and international. It covers surface, air and maritime transport, hospitality and travel organizers, as well as the governance, infrastructure and services which regulate, connect, supply and facilitate them. On a global scale, it represents directly some 5% of GDP, jobs, trade and investment and almost as much indirectly.

It creates 5% of world carbon emissions, moving billions of people a year with evident economic, social & environmental impacts – good and bad. It is a cross-cutting industry, with strong catalytic effects on other key sectors, such as infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture and communications. It has recently been identified by the G20 as a vital economic and job creation agent, as well as by the UN, as a key deliverer of green growth.


Our Initiatives

We have initiated Green Growth 2050 Roadmaps with Victoria University, Australia. These help countries and communities consider their travelism, sustainability and lifestyle strategies as well as infrastructure, finance and capacity needs. We are undertaking big data analysis to show holistic Green Growth and Travelism scenarios and impact assessment. We are delivering private sector finance through partnership with GATE Global Impact, a top crowdfunding investment platform, while building project funding & cause related partnerships.

We are providing industry/community support programs through Green Growth 2050 Services. It incorporates a distance learning system

We support the Green Growth & Travelism Institute (GGTI) – a non-profit international University R&D network. It has anchor university partners in Belgium, Australia, China, Peru, Korea, Indonesia and the UK, with a dozen more under negotiation. Its goal is to create an academic underpinning to the Green Growth and Travelism paradigm – with shared curriculum components, summer schools, distance learning and entrepreneurship focused programs. The main focus of GGTI is currently The SUNx Program – The Strong Universal Network.  SUNx is new global transformation movement for climate resilience and sustainability. Inspired by Morris Strong, father of sustainable development, RIO 92 and Agenda 21.

We have created the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) together with eTurboNews, the online industry multimediagroup. ICTP groups destinations & stakeholders committing to Green Growth & Quality.

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Sustainable travel and tourism through Green Growth