GL pic (Ge.t) is a Brussels based company, established in 2010 to profitably provide services and tools for Green Growth and Travelism (Travel & Tourism) and to encourage countries, cities, communities, companies and consumers to:

  • Support transition to the new Green Economy, based on low carbon renewable energy and sustainable development
  • Promote “Triple Bottom Line Plus” Sustainability – economic, social and environmental balance, with dynamic climate adaptation
  • Encourage “Sustainable Mobility” as a force for good socio-economic development and inclusive growth
  • Embrace “Smart Travel” – clean, green, ethical & quality – progressively decoupled from greenhouse gas emissions

The company has built a global network of research and delivery partners for its, Green Growth strategy, roadmap, financing & learning programs

 GL pic

 Professor Geoffrey Lipman

 Founder and Creative Disruption Architect


Marie-Julie (couleur) 02

Marie-Julie Chaput

Creative Disruption Manager

Ge.t Corporate Introduction

  • After almost 4 decades in leadership positions in IATA, WTTC and UNWTO, with some forays into the private sector I have decided to structure a network of companies and individuals committed to celebrating & promoting travelism (travel & tourism) as a key engine of green growth and human understanding/happiness.
  • is a for profit, Brussels based company created in 2010 for this purpose,  It is lean, virtual and progressively expanding as a global company with a primary business focus on EU/China/Africa/Gulf relationships and a strong interest in BRICS markets and the Africa centric development agenda using proprietal tools and programs for research, analysis and implementation.
  • Business activities are geared to strategy, innovation and funding with a strong interest in climate response and the linkage between travelism, rural development and clean energy technology. We are supporting low carbon sustainable lifestyles, mobility and destinations and actively promoting a green growth 2050 agenda. The underpinning framework is set out in:
    • The book “Green Growth and Travelism: Letters from Leaders” launched at the Rio+20 Earth Summit and laying out the vision of some 50 thought leaders on the transformation role of one of the main socio-industrial engines of the global economy. A second volume on Concept, Policy and Practice will be published in early 2014.
  • Creation of a Green Growth and Travelism Institute (GGTI) bringing together a new international network of Universities from its base in Belgium, the capital of Europe, as part of a broader World Environment University, championed by Maurice. Strong, one of the pioneers of global sustainable development consciousness. 
  • The Greengrowth2050 Roadmap for destinations, which is researched with Victoria University Australia and Oxford Brookes University UK, providing a practical methodology for destination level transformation. The proof of concept was undertaken in 2011 in Bali, under the auspices of the Indonesian Minister of Tourism. It is the most comprehensive destination analysis, visioning, measurement and implementation process that has been undertaken to date, with widespread market potential.
  • Greengrowth2050 Services, with Vision CSR based in Australia,  providing CSR advisory support and distance learning systems for Travelism companies
  • The International Coalition of Tourism Partners – for communities and their stakeholders who commit to green growth and quality in their travelism activity. Established in partnership with e-Turbo media group.
  • GATEtrip a global technology initiative, with Gate Global impact a US Corporation, to bring impact investment to the base of the pyramid through smart community focused travelism projects in developing markets – leveraging new connectivity opportunities and crowdfunding techniques.
  • Greenearth is advancing this approach globally where it fits fully into international sustainability, economic and green growth strategies.
  • We are building relationships with likeminded companies and individuals, with whom we collaborate for specific programs and projects.  This growing network includes people who have held senior positions in the industry, academia & government with a common interest in creativity, professionalism & commitment to the green growth agenda.
  • Collective expertise covers the full range of travelism issues – from transport, accommodation and related services, as well as the vital interface with strategic policy in such areas as environment, climate, infrastructure, communications, financial services – and the underpinning issues of brand, competitiveness & human resource development.
  • Clients include Governments, Universities and Leading Private Sector Companies.


November  2013

Sustainable travel and tourism through Green Growth